About us


My name is Kirsten and I have been a professional hair extensions technician for over 10 years.

I recently qualified to become a trainer and think it is important to deliver a one to one step by step training to my students in order to make sure they can deliver a fantastic service.

Hair extensions have evolved, there are many techniques, but I have found that many clients want a technique that will give them a result with damaging their hair.

I currently deliver training in the Micro Ring  Hook and Latch techniques.  This technique is unique because it uses no glue or threads on the clients hair.  This is a one day course.

Once you have been accepted to train with me the following process will begin

  • Complete a application form and supply me with a couple of references
  • Pay a deposit to confirm your course date
  • We will send you a Welcome Pack confirming and explaining what happens next
  • We will send you a lesson plan for the course
  • On the day of training you will receive your theory course work and appraisal form
  • The first half of the day will be done on a training dummies head
  • The second half will be done on your live model
  • We will take before and after photos for your porfolio
  • A certificate of completion is sign off
  • You complete our course evaluation

Your final certificate will arrive in the post within 4 weeks

You will be able to use this to get any insurance if you don’t already have one.



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